Greek Mythology inspired bath treats, handmade in small batches, paraben/phthalate free and sustainably packaged. Crafted in East Van by an Indigenous maker. 

Why Choose Us?

Aphrodite's Realm uses quality ingredients, which are sourced from Canadian brands and are always paraben and phthalate free. I pride myself on being a sustainable company by offering sustainable packaging and thinking about my own carbon footprint. Every product that comes from Aphrodite's Realm is either recyclable, reusable or compostable. Another perk of shopping with me is that you'll be supporting a mixed Indigenous maker. I'm from the Skidegate band of the Haida Nation. Haawa is how you say thank you in my Skidegate dialect or Xaayda Kil. 

About Us

Bailey Finden

store owner

Aphrodite's Realm was created in 2021 and is based on Greek Mythology. As a lover of magic and fantasy, I'm inspired by the myths and found that I can tell a story and bring some of that magic into customers homes through my products.

I've always been a creator, ever since I was young. I dabble in photography, fashion, painting, and I love to cook/bake. When I'm not making bath bombs, I can be found reading or watching fantasy, adventuring in nature with my family and eating great food! I'm a huge animal lover, as well as a nature lover, which is why sustainable packaging and practices are super important to me. I think that it's best to protect this beautiful earth as best we can.   

You can find Aphrodite's Realm products in store at Makers-Kitsilano, Slice of Life Art Gallery, Raven's Veil and YVR Airport. 

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